Clint Rides Again…The Outlaw Josey Wales-Yugo

The artwork used on this is poster certainly complements the versatility of Clint Eastwood in this 1976 western, of which he both starred and directed. It is classified a “revisionist” western in part as it gave strong starring roles to a woman (Sandra Locke) and a Native American (Chief Dan George). It achieved a great deal of success both commercially and financially, in a time period when it was though that Westerns were fading in appeal to the American people.

This Yugoslavian poster measures 20″x 27″ and portrays the same artwork used on a few of the U.S. versions. Although it came to me in fairly decent shape, the backside had some residual glue that had to be carefully scraped off, as well as the front side fold lines which had some moderate erosion that would be addressed in the restoration phase.

It was truly a pleasure to restore this classic Eastwood western!


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