image Elvis Posters

Elvis Presley made a total of 31 movies in a span of 14 years from 1956 to 1969. And while most of his movies did not gain him critical acclaim as an actor, it provided a way for him to expand his role as a performer, which certainly satisfied the public’s appetite for more Elvis. I enjoy watching his movies occasionally, and am in awe of the powerful range and many style of vocals Elvis could sing. Like many of my posters, they remind me of a more nostalgic time in America.

Released in November 1960 GI Blues sought to capitalize on Elvis’s military service in the Army, as he had just returned to the states from Germany in March, 1960. This particular one sheet I acquired is in very nice shape with the exception of a missing bottom corner which will be easily replaced during restoration. It features great images of Elvis and capitalizes on the red, white & blue color scheme.


This particular poster, Paradise-Hawaiian Style is from 1966, measures 30″x 40″, and is identified in type by it’s measurements. It’s in nice condition and will one day be linenbacked and receive minor restoration.



Clambake – 1967 – US 40×60 – 40″x60″ – Poor Condition- Artist: Robert McGinnis
Double Trouble – 1967 – US Window Card – 14″x22″ – Very Good condition.

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