The Love Cage-Fonda in France

The Love Cage, also released in the U.S. under the title of Joy House was Jane Fonda’s first movie in France. Having had Barefoot in the Park debut in theaters just one month prior, The Love Cage hit French theaters in June, 1967.

This colorful Australian Daybill measures approximately 13″x 30″ and features stone lithography artwork.  It came to me via a collector in Australia and was in very good shape prior to linenbacking.  What appear to be imperfections; the faint solid blue line near Alain Delon’s eye extending into the border, and some minor smudging in the red heart in the bottom of the poster, actually reflect the unique characteristics of the style of printing not seen much in the 21st century.

The mounting of this poster was a fairly easy job. It needed virtually no pre-washing issues to attend to, and was not bleached as no major stains or other concerns were detected prior to the bath. It washed up well; the support of Japanese Masa paper and canvas now enable it to be framed and displayed as a wonderful piece of movie memorabilia.

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