John Wayne-The Train Robbers-Yugoslavian

This 1973 release Yugoslavian poster has the dramatic artwork that showcased the adventurous movies that made John Wayne an American icon in movie history. Filmed in both Mexico and the U.S., and co-starring popular stars of the day, Wayne would only go on to make five more feature films before his death in 1979.

This poster is a favorite of mine as the landscape orientation and image captures the action and drama that made Wayne the star that he was. This poster was in very good shape when it arrived to me with only minor fold wear; a bath cleaned up some surface dirt on the front side. The results were successful as the poster is a good example to the many westerns that Wayne made throughout his career.


Poster as it arrived to me showing only minor fold wear.
No issues on the backside to be addressed before the deacidificaiton wash.
After it’s bath, it’s ready for color infill to the broken fold lines.
Fine grain water color pencils will help fill in the broken fold lines.
Fold lines colored in, the poster has been cut down from it’s canvas frame, trimmed of excess masa and linen, and is ready to be framed.

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