Boom – Liz and Richard; Act Eight…

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton epitomize a Hollywood love story. Taylor, who herself was married eight times, was married to Burton twice, the first in 1964, the second in 1975. Their romance began in 1963 on the set of the epic movie, Cleopatra, and would end with Burton’s passing in 1984. It was a relationship that has been described as, “dramatic” “obnoxious” “passionate” “bitter” “loving” and “familiar”. Taylor once remarked after Burton’s death, “maybe we loved each other too much”.

The 1968 movie Boom, was Taylor’s and Burton’s eighth movie made together. They would go on to make a total 12 movies together spanning a decade, including Boom which was based from a play by Tennessee Williams. This Polish Medium movie poster was released in 1970, when the movie was shown in Poland. The poster measures 23″x 32″ and the artwork was drawn by Maciej Hibner. While not a conventional poster design by US standards, the artwork is extremely creative, abstract and dramatic. It is one of the most artistic posters I have worked on to date. It was a pleasure to work on this poster, which would be a gift to a relative.

Boom as it arrived to me in good/very good condition. It had a few small tears in the borders and small discoloration below the credits in the upper left.
The texture of this Polish poster surprised me. The closest comparison I can make, is that of constructions paper. You could see the weave of the paper, it was very matte in finish, but the paper in general had a strength to it. Very cool!
Backside of the poster would need no pre-washing attention, although it did show some toning given it’s almost 50 years in age. A nice deacidification soak would push out any acids in the paper.
Front side of poster. A tear that would be addressed in the restoration phase. Notice the white paper exposed in the tear, although the backside had toned considerably. Layers of paper to consider when treating.
Several tears to infill during the restoration phase.
A few tears in the bottom right of the poster that will receive infill.
The canvas has been stretched on the frame, Japanese Masa Paper has been glued to the canvas prior to the washing of the poster, which will then be glued to the Masa Paper; both times a wheat starch adhesive will be used.
Sandwiched in between two pieces of Mylar, Boom is ready for it’s wash!
The poster has been washed, deacidified, and given a buffer solution on the backside to act against any further release of acids in the paper.
Color artist filling the broken areas and tears during the restoration phase with watercolor pencils.


Looking good! Extra Masa trimmed, its ready for framing!
Heavy Kraft paper and a 6 inch tube is used to protect the poster in transit to the framer in Washington.
Boom – framed and ready for display!





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