Cabaret- Liza Does It All!

Directed by Bob Fosse, this 1972 musical, starring the multi-talented Liza Minnelli, Michael York and Joel Grey, was a box office hit.  It went on to win eight Academy Awards, the most of any film not to be nominated for Best Picture. Critical reaction to the film included positive reviews by Roger Ebert, Variety and Pauline Kael, and while the film has also garnered it’s share of controversies for the topics it discussed in the setting of Pre-War Berlin, it’s performances, musical numbers and dramatic story-telling make it succeed to this day.

This colorful original theater used, U.S. One Sheet movie poster was bought with the intention of giving it as a birthday gift to a relative. This particular poster is from the 1974 Re-release of the movie and prominently features star actress Liza Minnelli in a large image and bright colors; many consider this Re-release to be a much better poster image than the original ’72 One Sheet.

It arrived to me with some moderate fold line, and center cross fold loss of color. It would receive a wash to remove the surface dirt and grime of the last 45 years, and a deacidification bath to neutralize any acids present in the paper. After linenbacking, the fold lines were filled in with watercolor pencils and would be ready to be sent off to the framer. It was a complete success, and the new owner couldn’t be happier to have one of their favorite movies and actresses nearby each day. Some photos as it made its way from a package that arrived by mail, to ready for framing!

Poster as it arrived to me. In very good condition. Only some moderate fold & cross fold erosion of color would need to be addressed in the restoration phase.
Close up of the fold lines prior to it’s wash and deacidification.
Poster has been washed, deacidified and glued with a wheat starch adhesive to an acid-free Japanese Masa Paper, which has been glued to a acid-free 12oz cotton canvas for support and future framing.
After mounting, cross fold needing color infill by Albrecht-Durer watercolor pencils.
Center fold line area needing watercolor pencil infill.
The poster was folded unevenly during its use in movie theaters resulting in a “double fold” and more lines to be filled in during restoration phase.
Fold lines to be filled in.
I love this picture! On the top, to the left of Liza’s head, the color of fold line to be filled in is a “red” color, but down near the bottom, near the chair legs, the color is more “orange”. The color infill was more challenging than at first glance!
Even the color of pinks can be seen to vary from top to bottom, left to right! But the poster is ready for the restoration phase and color infill to the fold lines and crossfolds.
The finished product. It turned out great, and will be shipped to it’s framer in Washington and then shipped to its new owner in California!
Ready for shipping! Heavy kraft paper and a sturdy 6 inch tube is used to protect the poster in transit to its framing destination in Washington.


Cabaret – framed and ready for display!

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