Mold, Mold, go away….

This loverly 1957 Australian Daybill came to me courtesy of a collector in Australia who wondered if I could save it from the damaging mold spots that were covering the front and back. The poster at some point in its 60 year history it was in an environment that allowed mold spots to develop and become set in the fibers of the paper. I was hoping that a nice long soaking and bleaching would do the trick.

While some of my thoughts on what would remove the stains came at a different stage in the wash process, it was a very successful wash and backing. What resulted is a wonderfully restored poster that can now be returned to it’s owner some 8,000 miles away and be proudly displayed in their home.

Poster photographed showing the damaging mold spots that would have to be aggressively treated in the wash process.
Backside of poster also showing mold spots, dirt and other stains.
With the deacidification bath not working to remove the majority of stains, I nearly emptied my bleach in an effort to remove the stains. It was working!
The poster is drying in its frame and looks much better! All stains are nearly gone!
No restoration was needed on this beauty and it was cut down from it’s frame and the excess masa trimmed.
The finished product! Those nasty mold stains were removed, and it’s ready to head back home to be framed!




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