Missing Paper? No Problem!… “Make Haste to Live”-Part II.

As mentioned in Part I, the conservation & support phase of this 1954 Australian Daybill movie poster was quite a challenge as it contained a great deal of stains, toning to the overall paper, areas of missing paper, pencil writing on the front and backside, and several tears on the borders. An aggressive wash, including a deacidification bath to remove acids, and a strong bleaching would bring this poster half the way back to its original glory.

The final phase would be the restoration of the missing paper areas, and application of watercolor pencils, gouache paints, and some minor airbrushing to a few small areas of the border would make this poster look wonderful again and prepare it for display and framing. It took several hours of painstaking paper replacement, and delicate work with the pencils and paints, but the results were wonderful!

The poster has dried for (4) days and it’s now ready to have any fold lines burnished flat, missing paper areas replaced, and tears mended before the reversible watercolor pencils and gouache paints are applied to color in the missing artwork & title lettering areas.
The left border has been taped off to create a solid edge and replace missing paper. More paper infills, pencils, paints and some airbrushing are next up!
Wow! Looking good, it’s almost ready! A few small areas to attend to and it will be all done & ready to be cut down from its canvas frame and trimmed for framing!
Finished product! The stains and toning have been moderated by an efficient wash process; paper infills replaced the missing paper and the watercolor pencils, gouache paints and some minor airbrushing of some border areas have completed the successful restoration of this rare and classic film noir Australian Daybill. On to another project!

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