About My Quest…

I’ve always been a fan of movies since I can remember. During the summer months as a kid, my mom would take my brother, sister and I to several movies, mostly Disney productions, to escape the heat in Arizona.  The high point was late May, 1977, when we all saw Star Wars at the grand Cine Capri in Phoenix, a 900 seat movie theater. It was after that seminal experience that I realized the places movies could take me!

As an adult I began collecting original movie posters around 2000. In 2014 I began to explore the methods of paper conservation & restoration in a quest to do more within the hobby. A year later I was washing and restoring my first “Half Sheet” movie poster! The Rare Breed, a 1966 Western starring the great James Stewart.

It has been over two years since then and I’ve backed quite a few movie posters; mostly American pieces but also those from Denmark, Yugoslavia, Australia & England. I’ve also worked hard to sharpen my skills in all phases of working with paper; Conservation- through the use of washing the paper to remove dirt, acids, mold, etc.; Support- using acid-free Japanese Masa Paper which is then glued to a cotton canvas duck cloth & the paper backing of heavier poster paper; and lastly the Restoration phase including the use water color pencils, paints, airbrushing and infill materials.


My quest to work with movie paper has not occurred because of my efforts alone. My father has been supportive both with his ears and with his help in my early linenbacking ventures. But none of this would be possible without the support of my wonderful wife! She has listened to me countless hours, kept me focused and even grabs a pencil to help…with great skill!

The in-house color artist begins to find the right colors….

Lastly, this venture would be several months to a year behind schedule if it wasn’t for the support and communication from Charlie Stevens, who broke this ground, trod this road before me. Thanks, Charlie!

So have a look around, make a few comments if you please, follow my progress if you prefer, but most of all, enjoy the beautiful artwork that artists around the world have produced!

Mark D. Hunyady